PSI Düsseldorf 2024

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From 9 to 11 January 2024, we presented our current VIVA PENS range at the prestigious PSI advertising fair in Düsseldorf. Many thanks to all visitors to our stand and we warmly invite you to cooperate with us.

PSI Düsseldorf 2023

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We would like to thank you for visiting our stand at PSI Messe 2023 during 10.-12. January in Düsseldorf.
We were glad to meet so many new people, and to see so many familiar faces.
We hope you enjoyed your visit and the hospitality offered at our stand.

PSI Düsseldorf 2019 Fair

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It was a great pleasure to spend time with you during PSI Fair in Düsseldorf on 08-10.01.2019. We are inviting you for a successful cooperation. We will be waiting for you again in a year time for the next edition!

Christmas Eve 2018

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Christmas Eve meetings are a well-established part of our tradition, bringing us all together to celebrate and share this special time among VIVA Team. A perfect moment to thank everyone for the cooperation and effort put into the year filled with challenge, work and success. Lets all rejoice together in the spirit of Christmas now and may the New Year be prosperous for all!

Season's Greetings

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kartka_1 export

10. Marketing Festival in Warsaw

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Marketing Festival took place on 12-13 September 2018 in EXPO XXI Warsaw. We were pleased to meet you there. Thank you for  visiting our stand.


RemaDays 2018

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Thank you for visiting our stand during Rema Days 2018.
It was a great pleasure meeting you and presenting our new products. We are looking forward to our future collaboration.

PSI Trade Show 2018 in Dusseldorf

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Once again we had an opportunity to present our company during the  PSI trade show in Dusseldorf. During this event we could meet with our clients and introduce our newest offer. We would like to  thank you all who have visited our stand. We are looking forward to our future collaboration.

Season's Greetings

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Merry Christmas!

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Viva Pens employees have taken part in a traditional Christmas Eve's meeting. We gather round the table to thank each other for work and to wish health, joy and success for the upcoming year. 

Thank you for your visit!

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Dear Guests, it was a great pleasure to meet you in person during the Fair RemaDays 2017 in Warsaw. Thank you for the time you spent with us and welcome for cooperation.

RemaDays in Warsaw

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In February we have another big event - RemaDays in Warsaw. Year by year our company  take part in this fair. We strongly invite all to find our stand there A14 building F.


General Conditions of cooperation and shipment Viva Plus II

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1. Viva Plus accepts order only in written form – by mail, by e-mail, by fax. Cancellation of the order will be accepted if it is sent in written form during 24h from the moment the order was registered. Payment is 100% in advance before the delivery.

2. The same goods ordered at different time can have different shade, which is the result of technological processes.

3. On most dark pens Viva Plus II strongly advises a white undercover to achieve the needed final color of imprint. The same rule referrers to the colors that create third color in contact with each other (i.e. blue imprint on yellow surface). Should the customer not choose the white undercover the color of the imprint underlies no guarantee.

4. The colors shown in the visual are not a 100% match to the actual result of the different decoration processes and pens. They only serve as reference for the color combinations.

5. Major color shade deviations on a dark-shaded underground might accure.

6. With white imprint a double imprint may be necessary. A supplement of +50% of the imprint cost will be charged.

7. White imprint will be pollybaged for and additional cost 0,01€/piece. Viva Plus II is not liable for damages in transport should the pens not be pollybaged.

8. Technical specification and appearance of the pen shown on the photo (i.e. in a catalogue) can be a little bit different then the real look.

9. While placing an order please make sure that all details meet your expectations. Please confirm all details of the order with your manager.

10. Standard Panton list has 13 colors. For all ather colors a suplement of 6,00€ will be charged.

11. Viva-Plus has a right to deliver +/- 2% of ordered articles. Damaged goods in the quantity below 2% of the ordered pens can not be claimed.

12. If no Panton number is supplyed a Viva Plus II employee will choose the color. In this case no guarantee applies to the color.

13. Exact panton colors can be printed only on white undercover. The Panton color on a color background may vary from the given Panton numbers.

14. The order production starts from the day the visual or the sample is confirmation by the customer in a written form.

15. Standard production time is 10 working days from the date of the mock-up approval. In case of express production 4 working days. Express supplement is +20% the cost of printing/engraving.

16. Shipment cost lies with the customer.

17. Shipment delays are no reason for a complaint. The order will be ready for shipment within 14 days of the production start. Viva Plus II is not responsible for delays in deliveries caused by courier companies.

18. The customer is obliged to check the order upon receipt. A condition of the complaint consideration is returning goods to the supplier.

19. Complaints are accepted only if sent in written form within 7 days from the goods receipt. Otherwiese you declare the product is accepted in all its shape, content and look. The written complain should contain detailed description of its subject. Viva Plus II has the right to claim the subjected goods on owns cost in order to check it. Viva Plus II will send in written form the answer on the complaint. In case the complaint is accepted Viva Plus II will give in written form the terms of its repair.

20. In case of complaint only the part of goods which is the subject of the complaint can be sent back.

21. Not standard packing will be charged 3€/package (you'll find standard packing on our gallery at

PSI 2017 Düsseldorf

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Once again Viva Plus had an opportunity to exhibit on prestigeous PSI Fair in Dusseldorf between 10-12 January 2017. During the event we had a chance to meet many of our customers. We have presented 2017 offer to all our visitors, who were seriously interested in our products. Thank you very much for dedicating your time to visit us.

Season's Greetings

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Merry Christmas!

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On 23 December 2016 we had a employees' Christmas party. The hero of the night was a Chatty Santa who surprised everyone with Christmas gifts! Among the presents, we found salary bonus, shopping voucher, dinner invitation, sailplane flight, bungee jump, tank ride, paragliding flight and many many more. The main prize was a Mediterraean cruiseship! That magical night we enjoyed delicious Christmas supper savouring live music played in the background.

We invite you to the PSI Trade Show in Dusseldorf

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Again our company participates in PSI Trade Show In Dusseldorf. The show is on 13.01-15.01.2016. We invite you to visit our stand G28 Hall 9.

St. Andrew's Day

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Once again we have been surprised with a large party. We have experienced a high-class entertaintment and tasted delightful mexican food. We let ourselves get carried away and all queued to a fortune teller who gave us numerous clues about the upbringing future.


Guests in our company

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It has been a great pleasure and an honour to welcome our bussiness partners in the Viva Plus main office. We had an opportunity to show them picturesque Polish landscapes and acknowledge our local Silesian culture.

We thank you for the preciuos moments we shared together.

The Company of the Year 2015

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VIVA PLUS is a leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of promotion pens with the largest annual sales in Poland.

This year 2016 has already become a very significant one. We have been rewarded by the President of the city of Bytom for the best businessmen , The Company of the Year 2015. „Nagroda Gospodarcza Prezydenta Miasta Bytomia- Firma Roku 2015”.

This noble prize has appreciated our work and passion dedicated to the development of our company. Our aim is to expand and improve our product range and the technology we constantly innovate.

We hope these will bring more successful moments for the campany and influance the business development, charity involvement  and employment  possibilities in our city.  


Shooting Picnic

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One beautiful October morning 3rd Annual Shooting Picnic took place in a nearby city. We have organised a shooting competition. Our French export manager was announced the Queen of Shooters and won 3rd Annual Company Cup.

The event wouldn't take place without amazing instructor who provided security and individual classes. Some of us had a chance to try wild meat dishes for the very first time.

Arctic Cirlce 2016

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This year rewarded employees from our company had chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Among few suggested destinations we have chosen Scandinavia. We travelled through Sweden and Norway in campervans. It's nearly impossible to recall all places we have visited. Although Stockholm has been the highlight of our journey. In Sweden, we have also seen Arjeplog and in Norway - Tuvsjyen and Bodo.

2015 Christmas Eve's Awards

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The peak of that charming evening was a lottery. One of the most surprising prizes were parachute and bungee jumps. Let's see their unforgettable moment captured.

PSI Fair in 2016 Düsseldorf

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Between January 13th and 15th 2016, our company was again present at the prestigious PSI Trade Fairs in Düsseldorf. We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand.


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The VIVA PLUS team and the Management of the company were celebrating the St.Andrew's Day (Andrzejki)  on 27th November 2015.
Among lot of  atractions e.g. dancing, quizes and delicious food, the guests could have taken a chance to foretell their future by tradition custom of wax pouring. 


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VIVA Mexico party took place on 26th September 2015. One of the attractions was the presentation of a movie from Mexico where the awarded VIVA employees spent fabulous time. The main events of the evening was the Mariachi performance, the dance show and for the food funs- authentic mexican cuisine. We announced the King and the Queen of the ball and the masters in macarena dance! Unforgetable evening.

ikona_viva mexico2


Rema Days 2015 in Warsaw

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In January we have another big event - RemaDays in Warsaw. Year by year our company  take part in this fair. We strongly invite all to find our stand there 1C8 building no 1.

Viva Pens_1c

PSI Fair in Düsseldorf

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Between January 7th and 9th 2015, our company was again present at the prestigious PSI Trade Fairs in Düsseldorf, thanks to which we could meet our clients and present our current offer. We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand.


PSI Trade Fairs in Düsseldorf

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In the beginning of the new year, our company will as usual be an Exhibitor at the prestigious PSI Trade Fairs in Düsseldorf which will take place between January 7th and 9th 2015. We invite you to visit our stand G28 in the hall nr 9.

Employee contest

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All our company staff have a chance to experience  exciting adventure. Best-performing employees who are truly dedicated to their work and help building a positive image of the company  will have a chance to win a trip to: India, Thailand, Kenya, Egypt or Scandinavia. 


Marksman Picnic 2014

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Second Marksman Picnic was organised on the 20th of September 2014. The schedule of the picnic consits of rifle shooting from 100m to the goat, shooting with rifle and trap shooting.
During the picnic traditionally was held a shooting contest and the winner won the second cup of Viva Plus company. Sophisticated instructors ensured the safety of the participants providing them detailed training.
The attractions of the picnic were also paintball and ballon flight. The picnic ended with roasted vension.

PUCHAR 2014_2

Fair in Hannover

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From 8th  till 10th April 2014 our company will take part in the PSI Promotion World Trade Show in Hannover. We warmly invite you to visit our stand no. E18.

Rema Days 2014

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In January we have another big event - Rema Days in Warsaw. Year by year our company  take part in this fair. We strongly invite all to find our stand there 1C8 building no 1.

Remadays stand 2014

8 New Products

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In January, our company, as the only one in Europe, enlarges its offer with eight new models of pens.

zdjecia nowosci na www_VIVAPENS_PRESTIGE

PSI Fair in Düsseldorf

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Just like every year, in January we are taking part in prestigious European fair of the promotional Products in Düsseldorf. The event is taking place between 8.01.2014-10.01.2014. We are pleased to invite you to our stand 9G17 in Hall 9.